"The young woman of Nam Xuong" is the Vietnamese folklore in the storybook "Collection of Strange Tales" written by Nguyễn Dữ in the early half of the 16th century.
This book is a two-sided book or so called up-side-down book.
One side is the complete text in both languages - English and Vietnamese. The other side is the visual design of the story.
The story is about a loyal wife who was mistaken as a dishonest woman and was forced to jump into the ocean. Her last word was to wish to become a pearl as shine as her fidelity to her husband.
The pearl dots (with the shape of the letter "o") in the book represented for her loyalty.
Viewers have to tear out the pages to read just like the way the truth was hidden in the shadow in the story.
The pictures in the other direction are also the visual images for the corresponding text pages.

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