During the COVID-19 time, the author was visiting her home country - Vietnam and has been staying there for more than 6 months because of the travel restriction. Expressed through a 3-minute photo video, the author wants to introduce a special perspective of online – study: Started from the view from the author’s desk where she spends most of the time, the video does not only show her effort in adapting to the time-gap lifestyle between Vietnam and Germany but also her realization for the special aspects of staying at home and learn how to welcome every unpredicted thing taking place every day. All the little things that used to be so normal, so regular, now have all become beautiful moments that can bring calmness and peace to her soul.
It’s a weird time, I must say
Looking at my mom's desk, everyday
I’m still here since the semester started
Because all the flights have been delayed
It’s a weird time, I must say
Six in the morning, up I stay
To the rooftop, where I can relax
For these assignment breakaways
It’s a weird time, I must say
Visitors show up, not from the doorway
​​​​​​​With their curious eyes looking through my window
And that’s enough for a wonderful day
This is my treat, I’m glad I’ve stayed
To hear what’s she talk, to know how’s her day
To spend time with her, to see what she watches
Whenever I want these homeworks to be thrown away.

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